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About the Society


The Deveaux Society began as a trust fund established in 1982 by millionaire philanthropist Charles Deveaux and entrusted to his daughter Simone on his death in 2006. Tragically, Simone Deveaux passed away shortly after her father and control of the trust was moved to three board directors who would go on to execute the last will and testament of Simone Deveaux to create a philanthropic organization dedicated to bettering the world. Today, the Deveaux Society is the leading SLC-Expressive global philanthropic organization. Its founding members have gone on to work with the post-war American government to build the SLC-Expressive Services Agency and re-establish the ReGenesis Foundation to researching genetics to understand and prevent diseases unique to Expressives.



Alice Shaw

Alice Shaw is Society treasurer and also acts as the Public Relations director for the SLC-Expressive Services Agency. Alice is an outspoken proponent of Expressive rights and has dedicated much of her life to the better treatment of SLC-Expressives nationwide. Alice has been very public about her time spent in 1961 at the Coyote Sands Relocation Camp and how that formative experience in her childhood informed her opinions on how government agencies should treat Expressives. Alice has testified against war criminals and conspiracy perpetrators at the Albany Trials in the hopes of building a better tomorrow.


Sabra Dalton

Sabra Dalton is an independent philanthropist with a focus on SLC-Expressive rights and charitable ventures. Sabra prefers to stay out of the public eye and act in an advisory role to the Deveaux Society.


Claudia Zimmerman

Claudia Zimmerman is Secretary of the SLC-Expressive Services Agency she has been the spearhead of SLC-Expressive rights in post-war America. Claudia's pre-war accolades included privately funding charitable services and operations that served as covers for the Ferrymen. As a founder of the Deveaux Society, Claudia has worked tirelessly since the 1980s to ensure a brighter future for SLC-Expressives worldwide. She is actively involved in campaigning against restrictive SLC Registration acts.

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