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A Civil War of Words

Though the sacrifice of countless American and allied lives allow us to live in an era of unparalleled freedom for SLC-Expressive individuals, the battle for the soul of America continues across the country. This isn't a battle of guns or bombs, the likes of which tore our nation apart and has left wounds we are still healing today. It is a war of words and ideologies, couching dangerous old rhetoric behind more peaceable and placid language than the saber-rattling of the past. We need only look at the Kansas primaries to see where the battle lines of old are still being drawn, and where messages of hate and bigotry still draw crowds.

Frederick Medina (D) campaigning in Kansas City.

The political campaign of Democratic congressional candidate Frederick Medina may be the most noteworthy reminder ofthe fear-mongering age of the Petrelli Administration. Medina's platform sharply criticizes SESA's Chesterfield Act Registry, claiming it does not provide comprehensive control or oversight over SLC-Expressive abilities, but many in Medina's camp and those among his supporters threaten rhetoric reminiscent of some of the darkest hours of recent American history. Contrary to Medina's claims, according to the National Institute of Justice, the number of SLC-Expressive crimes has dropped by 84% since the establishment of the Chesterfield Act nationwide.

We Can't Afford to Go Back

The Second American Civil War was a watershed mark for this country, a turning point in relations between SLC-Expressive and Non-Expressive citizens. Though the cost of the war was unfathomable, the nation's direction prior to this tumult was driving the country in the direction of World War III. The despotic and tyrannical work of the Department of Evolved Affairs and their subordinate branches of government divided families, cost countless lives, and despoiled the very notion of freedom and equality that America was ostensibly founded upon.

The dark times of 2011 are not so far behind us that we can't remember. Our national memory cannot afford to forget the propaganda of the Department of Evolved Affairs, the false-flag attacks on American citizens, the prison camps, and public executions. Yet campaigns like Medina's attempt to push back at the notion that SLC-Restrictive rhetoric is reminiscent of these tactics. Medina sees the structure of the European Union's EUSR as a gold standard that America should strive to achieve, while paying lip-service to the notion that "amendments" would need to be made to avoid the missteps of the past. It wasn't that long ago that Nathan Petrelli stood before the the Midtown Memorial and promised a "cure" for SLC-Expressive people, a cure that would have seen SLC-Expressive people systematically murdered under the pretenses of a medical mistake. Do not forget that kind words and moderate tones were used to justify relocation camps as much as fear and vitriol were used to fill them.

Vote for Progress

The Deveaux Society encourages you to read up on the current political candidates in the 2018 Primary elections and be certain to vote for candidates who are looking to push back the tide of hate that tore this country apart and nearly brought it to ruin. We will only be able to reunite America together, SLC-Expressive and Non-Expressive side-by-side, forging a path to a new and better tomorrow.

You can see when your state is having its 2018 primary by visiting the National Conference of State Legislators and stay up to date on candidates and issues by visiting

The only way forward, is together.


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